Alright, we get it, we’ll start serving “real food”

Menus from here on out.

Our initial vision for Picnic was to serve whatever we wanted to cook, pretty much irrespective of whether our customers wanted to eat it. Well, 500 menus and countless attempts to force you to eat various obscure cuisines later, we’re throwing in the towel.

Starting today, we’re going do what so many of our customers have asked: “what, don’t you guys serve any real food? You know, like pasta, or hamburgers.”

With that, we’re kicking off with a brand new menu lineup, which will still rotate, but only through 5 choices, repeating every week for the rest of our 9 year lease.

See what the future of Picnic looks like with today’s menu.

  • Monday is pasta day.
  • Tuesday is taco day.
  • Wednesday is sandwich day.
  • Thursday is leftover pasta day.
  • Friday is McDonalds day.

Stop in, say hello, stuff your face and GTFO.


Here’s what you have to look forward to:

big mac coke
Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Super Size Fries. Small Diet Coke.
(Why re-invent the classic when you can just flagrantly rip it off?)

Small Side Salad. Super Size Fries. Another Super Size Fries. 12 Packets of Ketchup.
(The closest we could get to a vegetarian meal)

Big Mac. 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets. Super Size Fries. Small Diet Coke.
(Don’t worry, the nuggets are cancelled out by the diet soda.)