Now Accepting Catering/Delivery Orders

We’re back online!

We are serving family style meals (delivered cold) to help you stock your fridge & freezer.

Prepared in an excessively cautious manner.

↓   Use the pre-order form below.  

Minimum order size is $75.
Available only for delivery & pickup.
Open from 10-3pm, Monday through Friday.
Typically sent out within an hour of order confirmation.
Delivery is free for orders over $200.

Final quote (including delivery and taxes) provided after contact form is submitted.
Please allow for a delivery window of 30 minutes. We use a local courier, not a delivery app.


(EACH serves 4-6)

Vegetarian Protein

(EACH serves 2-3)


(EACH serves 2-3)




(EACH serves 4-6)


(EACH serves 4-6)

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Please try to help small businesses however you can during this crazy time!

We’re taking donations to channel funds to our staff & help cover our fixed costs.