Beer, Wine & Drinks

Beer and wine are available for in-store consumption, but unopened bottles can also be taken to-go!


  • Dry-Hopped Lager, Sudwerk Brewing

    California Dry Hopped Lager by Sudwerk Brewing in Davis, California

    For when you just want a damn beer. No fuss, just a smooth brew with good body. The perfect blend of West Coast piney citrus hop aromas mixed with the crisp refreshment of a German Helles lager

    ABV: 5%  –  IBU’s: 28


  • Kolsch

    KSA Kolsch from Fort Point Brewing, SF.

    Simple flavor profile, similar to a lager, with a hint of sweetness.


  • California Common, St. Florian’s

    California Common Lager by St. Florian’s from Windsor

    Indigenous steam beer style lager. Malty, very food friendly. 100% delicious.

    6% ABV


  • Saison, Upright Brewing

    “Five” Saison / Farmhouse ale by Upright Brewing in Portland

    A well hopped Belgium-style saison with spicy yeast, coriander, apple, and some enjoyable old-world barnyard funk, underscored by firm bitterness lasting through a dry finish.

    ABV: 5.5%   –  IBU’s: 37



  • Riesling

    Dry Riesling (no residual sweetness!) from Alsace, France.

    Zippy, food friendly, hints of pear and perhaps a bit of grapefruit.

    If you’ve never had a dry Alsatian Riesling, prepare to have your mind blown.

    $7 glass / $23 bottle

  • Rosé

    Rosé from Corsica, in southern France.

    Hints of strawberries, clean, refreshing.

    $7 glass / $21 bottle

  • Pinot Noir

    California Pinot Noir from 4 Bear. Grapes from the central valley.

    Light & beautiful, red & black berries, almost no oak.

    $8 glass / $27 bottle

  • Grenache

    $6 / $18

  • Syrah

    Syrah from the Cotes du Rhone, France.

    Domaine de Montine

    $8 glass / $27 bottle

Other drinks

  • Spindrift

  • San Pellegrino

  • Mexican Coke

    The real thing, with real sugar.