Mr T. says “I pity the foo who skips lunch”

Menus for the week of August 22nd

Sorry, but watching Stranger Things on Netflix has got my head all stuck in the 80’s.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for this week:

  • Monday absorbs the passage of time Ayutthaya, Thailand
  • Tuesday puts on the lederhosen and heads to Bavaria
  • Wednesday hears what Zoroaster had to spake
  • Thursday eats food in Aricca, Italy*
  • Friday slaps together Picnic’s once-a-year sandwich lunch.

*Editors Note: this Thursday’s menu is FREAKIN’ AMAZING!!!1!

Stop in, say hello, grab a bite to eat.


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Here were some of the highlights from last week:

Roasted Pork with Citrus & Herbs. Salt Roasted Purple Potatoes. Roasted Corn & Summer Squash.
(served last Wednesday)

Roasted Zucchini Salad with Queso Fresco. Red & Green Cabbage Slaw. Red Rice. Black Beans.
(served last Friday)

Red-Cooked Chicken. Broccoli with Roasted Pumpkin Seed, Black Bean & Green Onion Sauce. Steamed Forbidden & White Rice.
(Served last Monday)