What brave, trusting soul invented the bottomless mimosa?

Menus for the week of July 10th

We’re back in action, ready to take on the second half of the year. We hope you didn’t miss us too much last week! After experiencing peak-hot-dog during July 4th BBQs, we welcome a return to vegetables.

Here’s what we’ve got planned for this week:

  • Monday sets sail for Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Tuesday visits a few old friends in N’Oleans
  • Wednesday hears that Pampanga is THE place to go for Filipino food
  • Thursday summers in a chateau in Nice, France
  • Friday cooks without rules or boundaries

We’re taking brunch to the next level with bottomless mimosas. It had to happen eventually. We could only hold out for so long.

Stop in, say hello, grab a bite to eat.


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Here were some of the highlights from the week before last:

Soy Pork Belly. Cabbage Slaw With Coconut Vinaigrette & Jalapeno. Rice Noodles with Herbs.
(served that Wednesday)

Four Cheese Lasagna. Gigante Bean Salad with Basil Oil. Green & Yellow Beans with Pine Nuts. Asparagus with Shaved Dry Cured Egg Yolk.
(served that Tuesday)

Broiled Honey Chicken Wings. Broccolini with Fried Leeks. Dirty Rice with Peppers.
(Served that Friday)