About Picnic on Third

Picnic on Third is a new approach to casual dining that offers the inventive, fresh, and expertly-prepared menu items you would expect from a high end restaurant, but at the speed, simplicity, and price of a café.

Our menus change every day, each inspired by a region, a season, or even just a concept. Chefs Natalia and Leigh are always looking for new ideas and ways to surprise and delight their guests. The menu is purposely kept small each day so as not to overwhelm, but rather be a highly curated vision with something to satisfy any palate.

Featured in SF EaterSF GateSFist, UrbanDaddy, SoshTablehopper and 7×7, as well as “Best Lunch Spots in San Francisco“.

The Chefs

  • Natalia Bushyager

    Background: Chez Panisse, Camino, Foreign Cinema, freelance catering & consulting, South Carolina cuisine (born & bred)

    Current favorite culinary elements: beans & greens

  • Leigh Loper

    Background: Culinary Institute of America in Napa, Foreign Cinema, Quince, freelance catering

    Current favorite culinary elements: sprouted and fermented things

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact natalia[at]picniconthird.com

Press inquiries? Please visit the Media Center.