Coffee & Breakfast

Everyday Breakfast Items

7am-11am, Monday-Friday

  • Just a damn breakfast.

    Two eggs, bacon or sausage, plus fingerling potatoes or grits


    Has Eggs

  • Corned Beef Hash with Fried Eggs and Brussels Sprouts


    Has Eggs

  • Pain de Mie French Toast with Tcho Chocolate



    Has Gluten

    Has Eggs

    Has Dairy

  • Big-Ass Breakfast Sammich

    A simple, beloved classic. Eggs, cheese, & thick slabs of bacon, all on a warm english muffin, slathered in saucy-sauce. All fresh, real ingredients. None of that fake egg or limp bacon crap.


  • Steel-Cut Oatmeal with Dried Cherries and Brown Sugar Butter


    Has Dairy

Weekend Brunch will end on February 12th so that we can have our weekends back.

Espresso Drinks

Roaster: Contraband (from Oakland)

  • Espresso, Contraband

    Select, single-origin beans roasted by Contraband in Oakland.


  • Macchiato

    just a drop of milk foam.


  • Cortado

    Why is this little glass cup always on the secret menu? It’s our favorite ratio: less milk-foam than a cappuccino but more than a macchiato, just enough to take the acidic edge off a shot.


  • Cappuccino

    Your modern classic. Silky micro-foamed milk brings out the chocolate & cherry notes within Contraband espresso.


  • Latte

    More milk-foam than a cappuccino, about a 1:5 ratio. Delicious.


  • Mocha

    Chocolate shavings whisked into cream create the syrupy base that melts under the heat of espresso and milk-foam. mmmmmmm…


  • Americano

    A shot of espresso with 3 parts water, a great alternative to drip coffee.


Drip Coffee & Tea

  • Single-Origin Drip Coffee

    A rotating selection from HalfWit in Chicago. Stop in to see what we have that week.


  • Just a damn cup of coffee.

    A no-nonsense cup of drip coffee. Still a fantastic single-origin roast, but brewed in advance and kept piping hot for your immediate caffeination.


  • Hot Tea

    A rotating house tea blend, steeped with loose leaves.


  • Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee (on tap!)

    Jittery John’s Cold Brew Coffee, straight from the tap into your veins. DRINK AT OWN RISK.